Andrea Saparoff - Music and Sound Design

About Andrea

Andrea Saparoff composes original music and sound design for a wide variety of creative applications. As president of Acme Arts Inc., a woman-owned business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), Andrea gets as much creative pleasure from scoring 30-second commercials, mobile phone ringtones and video game trailers as she does from composing a two-hour dramatic movie score.

Andrea is a classically-trained musician who regularly immerses herself in researching, understanding and listening to every musical style you can think of, from hip hop to Tuvan throat singing. She’s perfectly comfortable writing for real live musicians, but particularly passionate about mixing unusual sounds, textures and the latest in sampled ear candy to create eclectic music that is both accessible and refreshingly unconventional.

She heads an experienced creative team consisting of the absolute best musicians, singers, engineers and computer techs in Los Angeles and beyond.