Andrea Saparoff - Music and Sound Design

Decompose Remix

Hiring a composer for the first time can sometimes make a creative team a little nervous. Probably because music seems like such a foreign language. But you don’t need to speak “music.” Just describe in words what you want your spot or movie to convey. Andrea will translate your conversational directions into the appropriate musical solution.

So let’s say you hire Andrea to write the music for your project. What happens next? She watches your video. Over and over again. She will compile a bunch of questions, like:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What point of view should the music be coming from? 
  • What emotions do you want the viewer to feel?

She won’t leave the room until she gets enough answers to feel fully locked in to your thinking. Only then does she start composing. As she is writing, she will continually refer back to your answers. Any inspired, Hey-what-about-if-we-add-this-here ideas will get bounced off of you to further focus the score. When Andrea feels she has hit all the right notes, you will hear the first pass.

Then a back and forth collaborative process begins, with Andrea incorporating your comments and ideas, adding her own suggestions and refining the score until everyone feels right. This collaboration  makes the whole process creatively rewarding, highly successful, and enjoyable—for everyone in the mix.

For the full story, please download her Capabilities Deck.